We're a specialist IT service provider with a passion for technology & innovation that's operating in Cape Town

Johan is our selected IT support consultant for Town and Country Projects assisting in all hardware / software and diagnostic solutions. In an age of fast paced business and time is money , it’s refreshing to have an IT support company that puts my business first and pulls out all the stops to solve problems in real time. His communication skills and dedication to providing support and service is nothing I have experienced before in the IT support industry. We cannot recommend his services highly enough.

Grier Fisher
Town and Country Projects

PCZen headed up by Johan Lotter has been rendering to our company superb I T services for many years. He has kept our three offices constantly online, virus free and provided affordable systems that safeguard our valuable data.

Harold Kolnik
Jawitz Properties

Johan has been providing our guesthouse with outstanding service since 2008. He provides a professional service, has a huge knowledge and is always willing to find the best and most cost effective solution for our Guesthouse. We highly recommend Johan with his professional service.

Florian Blochliger
Chartfield Guesthouse

The communications era has dictated that many items of computer centric equipment make their way into office spaces. Very often the occupants and operators of these office spaces are not equipped to deal with the set up and maintaining of these devices. This is where Johan shines through. Where Johan shows particular strength is his broad insights to this and associated topics and as such is competent to solve each different problem. Supporting us on many levels and at short notice since 2009, he offers a professional and all-encompassing service leaving you to get on with growing your business.

Roy Henderson
RWH Holdings

Johan is a life saver - literally! Working with global clients mean we do not keep ‘regular’ hours and as luck has it, our computer dramas often occur when most people have clocked off. At all hours of the day or night, Johan has been prepared to assist us - whether dialling in remotely or hot footing it through to our offices. His knowledge is current and his services are professional and is eminently trustworthy - he tells it like it is, goes to extraordinary lengths to find us the best possible deals and provides us with what we need when we need it.

Kaz Henderson